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The Craft Beverage Association was formed in 2014 by Don Poffenroth of Dry Fly Distilling, John Little of Smooth Ambler Spirits, and Robert Lehrman of Lehrman Beverage Law. The Association was formed to try to find a way to set standards for the seemingly simple, yet hitherto amorphous and elusive -- but fundamentally important term: craft.

What does it mean? What should it mean? Should it only apply to small guys (who may lack experience and funding)? Should it never apply to big guys (who may have lots of experience and funding)? It's fairly clear they can probably make world-class products if and when they want to. Perhaps a rising tide can lift all boats, big and small, foreign and domestic, new and old, high proof or low proof. We believe this can and should be done, without government compulsion or slowness, without fear or favor toward or against powerful companies, without trade association politics. We believe this can and should be done, with the speed, agility, modernity and democratization enabled by this amazing web of interconnectededness you are looking at now (it is more than powerful enough to solve this problem now, whereas it could not have helped one bit at the dawn of Brooklyn Beer, for example). So far I find this term on more than 7,000 label approvals in TTB's database and it may surprise some to note that the majority of such labels are wine.

The Craft Beverage Association is a 501(c)(6) non-profit trade association based in Washington, DC. 

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